20 Essential Natural Ingredients for DIY Skin Care

Discover 20 essential natural ingredients for DIY skin care including aloe vera, tea tree oil, bentonite clay and more! Learn how these ingredients can help you reap the benefits of natural elements.

20 Essential Natural Ingredients for DIY Skin Care

As with any new treatment, it's always a good idea to consult a dermatologist to ensure you're using natural therapy in the right way. Coconut oil, for example, can make breakouts worse, and some treatments, such as male grooming, are not proven to be effective. Natural compounds can be applied topically or consumed orally during meals. While there are many over-the-counter products available, homemade solutions are also an option.

These home methods can help you reap the benefits of natural elements. The most common natural ingredients used for skin care include aloe vera, tea tree oil, bentonite clay, argan oil, and more. Red, orange and yellow fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, sweet potatoes and pumpkins, are packed with beta-carotene, a nutrient with many benefits for the skin. Beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A by the body, which is essential for healing wounds, protecting against sun damage and stimulating cell renewal.

Licorice extract is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and has been shown to reduce irregular pigmentation by blocking melanin production. It is recommended to look for licorice extract in eye treatments as a study found that a cream containing this ingredient helped to lighten dark circles under the eyes. Colloidal oatmeal is one of the few natural ingredients that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved to treat skin irritations such as eczema, dry skin, poison ivy, poison oak and insect bites. The lipids and proteins in oats help to replenish and maintain the skin barrier while also containing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant chemicals.

Willow is a wildflower that has long been used to relieve common skin irritations such as rosacea and eczema due to its antimicrobial, anti-irritant and antiseptic properties. Witch hazel is another popular home remedy that has been used for centuries to control oil while moisturizing and reducing redness. It is an excellent ingredient in toners and moisturizers. Drinking enough water (8 to 10 cups a day) and eating a healthy, balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables are important for skin health. Hydration and a nourishing diet can improve skin cell renewal, improving skin tone and texture.

You can also consider taking nutritional supplements such as vitamins C, B, E and omega-3 fatty acids which are beneficial for skin health. Chamomile, eucalyptus leaves, lavender, and lemon balm are some of my favorites to use. I hope this list of 20 essential ingredients for natural skin care made by yourself will serve as a reference guide for you to use at any time. Hello Glow's skincare experts say it: “There are some ingredients you can hardly go wrong with self-made skincare. In the process, I discovered something: I really only need a few simple ingredients to make all of my natural skin care products.

I use it to make handmade soaps, hair detanglers, bubble baths, and many other natural handmade skin care products.

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